Lessons from a startup’s pivoting exercise

How a Singapore-based startup made the quick decision to pivot and evaluate new partnerships when business dried up.

How Napoleon Found His Destiny

How You Can Too....


Why That is a Lie You Must Not Accept.

Start Your Startup Journey as a Salesperson

The Most Crucial Skill Any Startup Founder Should Have...

Newton's Law of Motivation

What physics can tell us about motivation...

Napoloen and the Hearts of Men

After Vision Setting, The Second Most Important Thing a Leader Must Do

Fordism: The Ubiquitous Approach to Fulfilling Your Customers’ Needs

Contrary to popular belief, Henry Ford wasn’t denying the fact that customers know best when he famously said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.....

Starting Up in Your 40s.

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The Secret to Recruiting Millennials

Make Your Belief System Your Core Recruitment Strategy

Don’t Sell Ice to the Eskimos, Sell Them Their Dream Igloo

Why Selling is about Fulfilling Someone Else's Dream

Politicians: Before you run a country, run a startup first

Startup Founder Skills Which May Help Politician Endear to Their Voters

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