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The Corporate Disruptors Forum

is The Voice for Thought Leaders and Influencers on operating successful businesses in a disrupted economy.

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Our Mission

We believe in human ingenuity, coming together to chart alternative sustainable directions for a disruptive business environment.

The Corporate Disruptors Forum is an international platform for accelerating corporate innovation and entrepreneurship. The forum engages foremost thinkers, educators, startups, and business leaders to foster intelligent and meaningful conversations to influence and shape a sustainable future and growth for the society and organizations.


Produced and curated by Nanyang Angelz with critical insights from its founders Ivan Yong and Sam Lee, Corporate Disruptors Forum is independent, impartial, diverse, and inclusive. The forum endeavors to demonstrate entrepreneurship and essential spirits in Corporate Innovation strategies and best practices.

The Book that launches
the Corporate Disruptors Forum


We believe that there are heaps to learn from Startups.   Successful startups are full of vigor, innovation, and thrive on disruptions.   More and more corporate professionals and companies are putting startups under the microscope to understand what makes them tick!

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